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5 Apps That Make Saving Easier

Everyone loves to save, but few know the best tricks that help turn a couple of extra dollars saved a week to a few hundred dollars saved a week or thousands a year. The most important thing is to make saving a part of your daily routine. Your trip to the grocery store, an online shopping spree or a night out with your friends are all areas where you can save a little without skimping on the enjoyment.

Saving apps make it more convenient for you; In the palm of your hand you can learn more about your finances and receive tips on how to budget, save or spend. There a lot of saving apps out there, that’s why we narrowed the list down to the top 5 apps that will help you start saving to make a difference.

1. The Bank’s Mobile App

Let’s start with one you probably already have – the mobile app! LendingClub Mobile is the easiest way to stay on top of your transactions and your most recent bank statements. By logging in you gain access to your different accounts, you can deposit your mobile checks and check up on your monthly rewards. Transferring money and viewing your own spending trends are just a few clicks away. All the personal financial management tools are right at your fingertips, making it easy for you to take control of your money and start saving. If you are looking to set savings goals, this app partners with Goalkeeper to get your savings on the right track.

2. Billshark

You are always going to have those monthly bills to pay, so looking into what you can do to manage those bills can make a difference each month. Billshark is a bill-negotiating service that helps lower your monthly bill to service providers such as Cable, Internet, Wireless and Home Security. This app allows you to upload your utility bill directly and helps you start to save in areas where you might not have even thought possible.

3. Lemonade

Sometimes in order to save for the future you have to prepare for the worst situations. Lemonade is a property and casualty insurance company offering renters and home insurance for homes, apartments, co-ops and condos. Saving money sometimes requires planning and doing your research and choosing the best insurance company to pair with will eventually pay off.

4. Fetch

One thing all of us find ourselves spending money on is food. Whether you grocery shop everyday or once a week, Fetch is the perfect app to help you save money in this category. No preparation is needed prior to the purchase your items, all you have to do is snap a picture of the receipt and Fetch will gather your savings for you.

5. Honey

For everyday shopping, Honey is the perfect app to help you save with coupons you didn’t even know existed. The hardest part is downloading the app, from there Honey does all the work for you. As you shop online, Honey will gather all relative discounts that you can use when you are ready to check out. You will be surprised to see how many deals are available and how they can help you save with all your different purchases!

About the author

Rebecca Arcand

As the Marketing and Design Specialist at LendingClub, Rebecca makes understanding finances simple for the Millennial generation. Focusing on how to set up different accounts or how to save, Rebecca is an experienced financial mentor giving you advice that will make a difference.