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Halloween on a Budget

The weather is getting cooler which means the sweaters and blankets are starting to replace the bathing suits and beach towels. Fall weather means holiday season is right around the corner. Pretty soon local stores will be promoting their deals on candy and houses will be covered with the classic ghosts and grave-yard decorations. It can be tempting to join your neighbors and head to the store and prepare for the holiday. However, this trip might put an unnecessary dent into your spending money if you do not have a budget in mind. According to the USA Today, the average American spends $86.79 every Halloween. Whether its on costumes, candy, decorations or cards, when it’s time to spend money there is always an opportunity to save money. Make this year’s Halloween a little bit less tough on your budget and follow these five tips

1. Never pay full price for a costume

Whether you are shopping for your younger kids or you are picking something out for yourself, there are several cheaper options to consider before you head to the party supply store and buy a full-priced costume. First, look around your house. You would be surprised what you can come up with by throwing together some dress up clothes or an old t-shirt you can re-design. Searching online for some at-home costume ideas will save you a decent amount of money. Pooling old costumes with friends is also a great idea to look into – although you never want to wear the same costume twice, your friend’s old costume might just get the job done!

2. Get creative with the decorations

Being smart about where you shop for your Halloween decorations can make a big difference in how much you spend this year. If you’re looking to get a lot of little things for around your house, heading to a nearby dollar store is the perfect option. Especially if you don’t feel like saving things for next year, buying the cheaper window stickers or fake pumpkins will be easy to throw out after the holiday is over. You can also get creative with your outdoor decorations, using toilet paper as mummy wrapping or changing your front porch light with a red-light bulb can give your house the Halloween touch without breaking the bank.

3. Buy your candy in bulk

Candy is a staple for Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money when buying your favorite treats. A lot of times candy will be sold in bulk and the price is cheaper when you buy the option that combines all the different types. Don’t be fooled into buying the big size candy bars individually, go shopping determined to find the best deal. Make sure to use your Rewards debit card when you’re shopping. The cash back will help you save for the next holiday shopping trip!

4. Make it a collaborative party

If you decided to host this year’s Halloween party that doesn’t mean you have to go above and beyond with food for everyone. Making it a pot-lock dinner and encouraging everyone to bring their spookiest dessert can help offset some of your costs. Make sure to get creative with decorations and take a trip to your local dollar store (See tip #2) to help make your place festive while still maintaining your budget.

5. Take advantage of post Halloween discounts

Everyone knows that the best deals come after Halloween. Stores drop their prices in hopes to get rid of the left-over candy and decorations in order to make room on the shelves for Thanksgiving . Obviously, the candy won’t be good for next year, but the strobe light you wanted for your front yard this year might now be affordable. If you are good at staying organized all you have to do is add the new decoration to your Halloween box and next year you’ll have the complete look you were hoping for. If you think ahead to a few more purchases you want to buy for next year, Goalkeeper is the perfect way to set a goal for the future. This feature will help you put aside money each month with out the hassle of remembering to do so yourself.

We understand that celebrating Halloween 2020 may be different for many this year due to Covid-19, but as always, we hope you, your family and friends remain healthy and safe.  

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