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Get Your Finances in Order with Bill Pay

Staying organized is sometimes the hardest part about managing your bills. Don’t make the process more stressful by adding unnecessary steps. When you set up bill pay within online banking or the Mobile app, you can relieve some of the stress associated with paying bills. How, you ask?

1. Gain a holistic view of your financial life. With all your bills in one place, you can better understand your financial history and future.

2. Virtual filing cabinet. You can set up your Bill Pay to enable eBills. You will then receive an electronic version of your statements that are saved in one centralized place.

3. Set it and forget it. For bills you pay on a regular basis, like your cable or heat, you can automate payments by setting up recurring payments.

Signing up for online Bill Pay will help you stay on top of your payments and help you save time. Read on to learn how to get started with Bill Pay.

How to Add Payees:


The first step for Bill Pay set up is to add payees to your account. If you are working on a mobile device, sign into your mobile app on your phone. Once you are in, click on the “Transfer & Pay” option on the bottom of your screen. Select “Add a person or business” and you will be presented with a form to fill out. Follow the instructions and when you are finished, hit “Submit.”

There are other options for you to select after you open the app and select “Transfer & Pay.” If you choose the “Manage payees” option or “More Bill Pay options,” you can follow the instructions and fill out a similar form in order to add your payees.


If you are on a desktop, make your way over to our website and log into your account using your username and password. There will be a tab for “Transfer & Pay” at the top of your screen. Select “Bills & Payments” and then “More Bill Payments Options.” A pop up will show up on your desktop prompting you to “Add a Payee” and then “Schedule a Payment.” Hit continue and follow the instructions on how to add either a person or company to your payee list.

Make Payments:

Once you add your Payees to your account, you will be able to start making payments.


Find your mobile app on your phone and sign into your account. Hit “Transfer & Pay” and then select your payee. Choose the amount you want to pay and then schedule your payment date. Make sure to review your payment information and then click “Confirm.”


Log into your account by heading to our website. Click on the “Transfer & Pay” option at the top of your screen and go to “Bills & Payments.” Select which payments you would like to make a payment to, choose the amount and the date and then select “Schedule Payment.” If you are looking to review your payment history, select “More Bill Payment Options.” To download the mobile app for online banking click here. For Bill Pay support, call 800-242-0272.

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Kathleen Barrett

As the Director of Marketing at LendingClub, Kathleen has had experience in the financial services industry for over ten years. Ten years ago, while working for a non-profit focused on helping consumers work their way to financial freedom, Kathleen found her passion for financial education. Her current role puts her at the forefront of online banking trends, allowing her to share her expert advice for your personal financial needs.