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How to Build an at Home Gym for Under $100

You might be starting to get a little restless around the house, especially if you’re working from home still. Although some gyms are opening back up, that doesn’t mean you have to jump right back into your old workout routine. In fact, the price of gym memberships and workout classes aren’t getting any cheaper, so looking into other options may be a better avenue for both your physical and financial health.

So how hard is it to build your own gym? We did the research for you – and good news, anybody can build an at home gym for under $100. You don’t need the fancy treadmill to stay healthy, instead, we broke down exactly what you need and where you can get it.

1. Dumbbells

Despite what you might think, you do not need a bunch of weights in your basement in order to get stronger. Purchasing just two dumbbells as light as 10 pounds can work your muscles to the point of feeling sore the next day. ($30)

2. Resistance Bands

In some of the best YouTube workout videos, the instructor might tell you to take out your resistance bands and use them in your workout. This one is definitely worth the purchase because with just one band, you can target all of the different muscles throughout your body. ($35) 

3. Exercise Ball

An exercise ball is great for core engagement and is a perfect substitute for an expensive workout bench. If you are still working from home, an exercise ball can also be used as your chair at your desk! This helps with posture and actively engages your core throughout the day. ($25)

4. Miscellaneous Items

An exercise matt would be another important item to purchase and the price ranges depending on the brand you choose. If you decide on a cheaper brand, you can save some money in order to buy other workout items like a jump rope, full length mirror or gliding discs

If you still think $100 is a lot to put into an at home gym, think about what you would usually spend a month between workout classes and gym memberships. When you factor in the gas to and from the gym, you realize you are saving more money than you think. And if you have a Rewards Checking account, the cash back you receive at the end of the month can help pay for more supplies, making an at home gym even more affordable.

There are also many personal benefits to building an at home gym. You’ll have access to it all year, it can be shared between family members and spouses, and you can move your equipment outside if you’re looking for a change of scenery. Plus, you can easily stay accountable and keep a convenient schedule while having thousands of online workout video options to choose from. It’s a win-win!

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