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Kayla’s Cash Back Story

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Meet Kayla. Like many of us, Kayla headed into 2021 with a long list of resolutions and an optimistic attitude of what this new year might hold for her. At the top of her list was her financial resolutions – 2020 was a hard year for her family and the new costs of living and working at home seemed to keep growing. There are so many things we might not even be able to control, it’s hard to say “no” to an upgraded WIFI network or to your pizza Fridays that seem to get you through the week. Like you, Kayla didn’t want to give up the necessities, but she also was determined to save where she could. This is where Kayla was introduced to LendingClub, an online and mobile bank designed to save you money in areas your brick and mortar bank couldn’t. Read how Kayla was able to save $$$ in just these 3 categories to start 2021 off on the right foot.

Dining Out

Many of us have had to find a new motivation to get us through the work week this past year. While hanging out with friends or going out to celebrate might still be difficult to manage, Kayla and her family have started a new tradition and now look forward to nights dedicated to ordering take-out food. Helping local businesses during this time is something all of us should strive to do, especially when it means cheesy crust or sushi rolls and a much easier clean up process. So how did this new tradition of take-out food (the new dining out) help Kayla and her family save money? Instead of using her credit card like she did in 2020, in the first month of 2021, Kayla opted to use her Rewards debit card. This means Kayla received 1.5% cash back on all of her dining out/eating in purchases, which not only includes pizza Fridays, but also fast food restaurant pit-stops and drinks with friends at a local pub.

Cash back earned because Kayla used her Rewards debit card: $5.65
5 nights of takeout x $75 bill each week x 1.5% cash back


One thing that isn’t going away in 2021 is the need to prioritize your and your family’s health. When it came to thinking about payments towards health, Kayla immediately thought of doctor visits and prescriptions. She didn’t realize how expansive the health category was until she read the list of qualifying purchases. She was quick to take advantage of the cash back opportunity when she was visiting her health care practitioners, but it wasn’t until recently that she realized she could earn bonus cash back for other health related purchases. Payments for membership clubs and online workout classes for her and her husband, sports camps for her kids this summer and even her recent trip to a health and beauty shop all qualify for 1.5% cash back.

Cash back earned because Kayla used her Rewards debit card: $8.40
Co-payment for doctors visit: $30
Monthly Gym membership: $60
Online Exercise Class: $15
Summer Sports Camp: $400
Vitamins: $55


We all have been a victim of adding that monthly TV subscription to our bills just because we needed to watch that one series everyone is talking about. With a reward debit card, you don’t have to feel guilty about treating yourself with subscription services. The third category offers 1.5% cash back on is “subscriptions,” and if you’re anything like Kayla, this turns out to be very helpful to everyone in the family. This also includes cable and music subscriptions, and purchases at video game establishments. Kayla realized that improving her life at home with these subscriptions is worth it with the rewards of her cash back debit card.

Cash back earned because Kayla used her Rewards debit card: $1.30
TV & Movie streaming service: $15
Kids streaming service: $7
Streaming + Live TV service: $65

Total cash back earned in January: $15.35

Potential cash back to be earned in 2021 (based on January spend): $185

Let’s all let Kayla be our inspiration to make 2021 the year we start saving money, even when we have to spend it. Sign up for a Rewards Checking account in 5 minutes or less and start using your Rewards debit card as soon as possible. The cash back rewards are only the beginning!

*Bonus cash back on dining out, health, and subscriptions ended on June 30, 2021

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