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Cash Back Rewards

Earn cash back on everyday spending

Earn Cash Back

Earn unlimited cash back on purchases made with a LendingClub debit card and paid from a Rewards Checking or Champion Checking account.1 2 

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  • You must have a Rewards Checking or Champion Checking account open for at least 30 days, and meet one of the following requirements to qualify to earn cash back:

    • Receive $2,500 worth of direct deposits into your Rewards Checking or Champion Checking account from an employer or another source of income, or

    • Keep an average balance of $2,500 or more in your Rewards Checking or Champion Checking account

Rewards Checking

Earn Cash Back

  • Use your LendingClub Bank debit card to earn unlimited cash back:

    • Earn unlimited 1.00% cash back

How to Earn

  • Make signature-based (“credit”) purchases at your favorite retailers in-store and online using your debit card associated with your Rewards Checking or Champion Checking debit card
  • The cash back you earn will automatically be credited to your Rewards Checking or Champion Checking account at the end of the month following the earning period
  • Cash Back Rewards are earned monthly, so if you don’t qualify in one month, you can still earn the next!

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