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What is a High-Yield Savings Account and Do I Need One?

We have all heard of a checking and savings account, but you may not be familiar with LendingClub’s High-Yield Savings account and its benefits. Just like it sounds, a High-Yield Savings account helps you earn more than a regular savings account. With the money you are looking to save, you can earn a higher rate of interest, adding up to 10x the national average.1

So why does this matter?

Well, the best part about a savings account is that it earns you more money without you even having to lift a finger. You’ll earn more money than you would normally if you had your funds sitting in a checking account. It’s a great way to save for your future, whether it’s for a vacation or an emergency fund. There are many accounts out there, but when you are doing your research, be sure to check out LendingClub’s High-Yield Savings account for all its benefits, including an opportunity to earn 0.60% APY.2

Why do interest rates vary from bank to bank? 

Many online banks are able to offer a high interest rate due to their operating costs being lower than your bank down the street. The national average interest rate for a savings accounts is 0.06% APY, with some banks even offering as low as 0.01% APY. On the other hand, a High-Yield Savings account with LendingClub offers a whopping 0.60% APY2when your balance is at least $2,500. If you were to have $10,000 in a regular savings account, you would add an extra $6 to your balance every year. With LendingClub that $6 becomes $60, and although it might not seem like a crazy difference – who wouldn’t want some extra money?

How do I apply for a High-Yield Savings account?

In order to start earning one of the best rates in the country, apply online and set your account up within minutes. There is a $100 requirement to open the account, and then a monthly maintenance fee-free savings experience awaits.

To learn more about our High-Yield Savings account, visit our website here. To read more about how a High-Yield Savings account will benefit you, read our blog post here.

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